TaylorMade Flextech Upgrade Stand Bag (Titanium/Grey)


Dividers: 5 Approximate weight: 2.7kg 5-way divided top with two full length dividers for organization and shaft protection Self-adjusting Strap Slider System keeps the bag stable with a custom fit while carrying Flextech Stand System ensures no club crowding or sticking with a proprietary smooth release, collapsible base system Anti-split stand system for a secure stand on all types of terrain Cart-strap pass through allows easy access to pockets when strapped to a cart Multiple compartments for exceptional organization Towel ring, Velcro glove patch, Umbrella holder, and matching top cover included TaylorMade

หมวดหมู่ : CLEARANCE SALE Products GOLF BAG

แบรนด์ : TaylorMade


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