Bridgestone White Lady Precept Golf Ball


Bridgestone White Lady Precept Golf Ball - 2021

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Product Description
The Bridgestone Lady Precept golf ball has a softer core to increase the ball velocity, longer distance and higher flying trajectory. For players who want more control and less vibration at impact. Improve your golf game with each swing.

Delivers Longer Drives Off The Tee
Bridgestone Lady Precept golf balls are created to rocket you onto the green. The unique design increases lift and delivers longer drives with each hit. The 330-seamless dimple design also generates a higher flight trajectory for shots with undeniable distance control.

Crafted for Players Who Demand More on the Course
The Lady Precept golf balls are available in a white pearl color that provides a classic look on the course and are crafted for players who demand more distance from their golf balls and more performance from their golf game.

Features of the Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball:
Softer Core for players who want soft feel, more control and less vibration at impact
Higher flight - the unique 330-seamless dimple design generates increases lift of the club face
Longer distance - Gradational compression creates more force and longer drives
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