XXIO X Irons 6-PW ( 5pcs ). N.S. Pro 950 st


XXIO X Irons 6-PW ( 5pcs ). N.S. Pro 950 st

หมวดหมู่ : XXIO 12 Products IRON SET


Introducing NEW XXIO X Iron. the new XXIO X lineup for golfers who want to shake off more has been newly added to a wider range of golfers than ever before. We will deliver a club equipped with XXIO Technology.


Dunlop's Flying Technology

Dunlop's flying technology on the XXIO golf club goes beyond improving the resilience performance of the head. In order to realize a unique “how to fly” that maximizes the power of golfers, in recent years it has evolved through research and development into the swing area, but this 11th generation model focused on “ Top of swing. The newly developed "WEIGHT PLUS" technology, a unique technology, realize the ideal top "flying power position" where the cock accumulates deeply and stably.

Weight Plus Technology ( Since the iron has a heavy grip end, the “silicon rubber bush” is not installed. )

“WEIGHT PLUS” technology is a technology that creates an ideal top position by concentrating weight on the hand of the golf club and reducing the force that supports the head during takeback. In the carbon shaft model, the weight of the shaft is lighter than in the conventional model, and this weight is collected at the butt end of the grip rubber part, so that the cock accumulates from the start of the swing by applying the lever principle and the back is determined to be a deep and stable top Induce a swing


XXIO X utilizes the “SPEED GROOVE FACE” with a groove on the back of the face while utilizing the feel of a soft iron forged body, while flexing the entire face. Increased and improved resilience performance.

Comfortable Feel

The new line-up of soft iron forged body “XXIO X” has a straight neck shape and a comfortable “feel” that is easy to hold in spite of its large tolerance.
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