XXIO X -eks- Driver 2022


XXIO X -eks- Driver 2022

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troducing XXIO X -eks- Driver, A driver that creates great flight and directional stability with XXIO technology for distance performance and a sense of security.

ActivWing - Aerodynamic Control that produces high initial velocity

Technology that stabilizes head behavior by controlling the aerodynamics of the first half of the downswing. A head structure with a new concept that not only suppresses variations in hitting points, but also leads to an appropriate face angle to reach an impact without losing power.

Rebound Frame - Evolution of deflection that creates high rebound frame

XXIO's original "REBOUND FRAME" uses a cup face that is strong against off-center shots. The four-layer structure of "soft, rigid, soft, rigid" creates even greater deflection and expands the repulsion area.

Weight Plus Technology

Lightweight and hand-centered club design with original technology. Achieves a swing speed increase by creating an ideal top position and stabilizing the swing trajectory.

QTS sleeve fitting system

You can set your favorite trajectory by tuning the "lie angle" and "loft angle" according to the 12 positions.

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