XXIO 12 Fairway Wood


XXIO 12 Fairway Wood

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Introducing XXIO 12 Fairway Wood, The synergistic effect of "ActivWing" and "REBOUND FRAME" realizes amazing ball speed. A fairway wood that flies big.

ActivWing - Aerodynamic Control that produces high initial velocity

Technology that stabilizes head behavior by controlling the aerodynamics of the first half of the downswing. A head structure with a new concept that not only suppresses variations in hitting points, but also leads to an appropriate face angle to reach an impact without losing power.

Rebound Frame - Evolution of deflection that creates high rebound frame

XXIO's original "REBOUND FRAME" uses a cup face that is strong against off-center shots. The four-layer structure of "soft, rigid, soft, rigid" creates even greater deflection and expands the repulsion area.

Repulsion Area

The repulsion area of ​​both "XXIO X" and "XXIO 12" is 131% compared to the previous model for fairway woods and 113% for hybrids, reducing the distance loss due to miss hits and making it a club that can be aimed at by flying big.

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