GRAPHITE DESIGH Tour AD 50g Iron Series


GRAPHITE DESIGH Tour AD 50g Iron Series



The Tour AD 50g Iron Series are light weight, 50g shaft offerings that complement the premium Tour AD wood and hybrid series of shafts. The Tour AD-50 shaft model features a soft flex profile with a low kick point designed for higher ball flight and mid ball spin rates.

Manufactured at the Graphite Design factory headquarters in Japan, the Tour AD 50g Iron shafts are available in two color options of either blue or pink. The Tour AD 50g irons are a discrete length and constant weight shaft profile where each individual shaft length is designed for each individual club loft and each shaft length maintains the same shaft weight from the longest to the shortest club for the best in feel, balance and performance. The Tour AD 50g iron shafts have a .370” parallel tip with a 1.375” parallel tip section.

Take advantage of the superior distance and precise accuracy that Graphite Design shafts can offer and give the Tour AD 50g Iron graphite shafts a try in your next set of irons.
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